• 5 years post-doctoral experience, with Marie Curie fellowship.
  • Ph.D in environmental science & analytical geochemistry.
  • Masters in geological & hydological sciences​.
  • >2000 h of teaching at university level.
  • 16 peer-reviewed international publications and 22 first authored communications mostly in international conferences. 
  • 451 citations, H-index 11.
  • 2085 k€ of funding raised for research at european and regional level.

I am experienced in environmental contamination of air, soils and river sediments related to metal processing activities on several well-known case-study sites such as MetalEurop (Noyelles-Godault, France) and UMICORE (Viviez, France).
I currently undertake research projects linking human biomonitoring with mineralogy, geochemistry, exposure (i.e. intake of soils and vegetables) and health risk assessment I am also advising the walloon government with respect to health risks assessment to inorganic and organic trace contaminants and responsible for revising soil standards values for the new walloon soil decree, using also toxicokinetic and probabilistic modelling.

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Portable XRF calibration  
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